1 Year Warranty Inspection Services


This is an opportunity to document deficiencies that have occurred within the  warranty period offered by your builder.

We look for signs of structural movement, evidence of roof leaks and/or missing shingles, HVAC performance and more.

The ideal time to schedule your 1 Year  Warranty Inspection is in the 10th or 11th month of the first year of your new home ownership.


Why a 1 Year Warranty Inspection?

With the complexity of a home there are likely to be some small details that were overlooked or maybe they were not properly installed/performed.  These small oversights can lead to longer term issues in the home.  For example: a flashing not properly installed can allow water penetration that may take several years to show up, but can cause unseen damage to the structure.

Our inspectors are Code Certified through the International Code Council (ICC) and train regularly to keep up with the latest building code requirements.  This also means that they can backup there finding with the building code


When to Schedule your 1 Year Warranty Inspection

The ideal time to consider scheduling a 1 Year Inspection is 10 to 11 months after you close on your new construction home.  This will provide a 1 to 2 month buffer for unforeseen issues, like weather. 

Scheduling this inspection with Avid Inspection Services can identify deficiencies that could lead to future problems.



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