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Somewhere between Hogmanay and Iranian Norouz

“Action is the foundation to all success.”  – Pablo Picasso Perhaps its my obsession with minimalism or the fact that I forget to clean throughout the year but, I love the idea of ridding your personal space of excess material. A.K.A., Spring Cleaning. A concept that is not limited to the mass of items amassed…

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Do it already!

“How few there are who have courage enough to own their faults, or resolution enough to mend them.” -Benjamin Franklin It’s about that time, New Year’s resolution time. Yippie. You know those rather ambitious goals you hope to achieve throughout that year but somehow forget about them by the end of January. Let’s make a…

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“Come on baby, light my fire” – Hippie

“Warmth isn’t what minimalist are thought to have.” -Maya Lin False.   Wouldn’t spending less money on something as essential as heat be lovely? What if I told you that there are ways in which you could efficiently and effectively reduce your heating bill this winter with minimal effort and cost? I bet you would…

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