Introducing Our New Thermal Imaging Service

Limited Time Offer: Free Thermal Imaging Scan with the purchase of any Home Inspection. Schedule TODAY!


thermal imagingWe’re excited to announce that as part of our ongoing commitment to provide the most comprehensive and thorough home inspections for our customers, we’re introducing a new thermal imaging service!

Thermal imaging is designed to uncover hidden issues such as water leaks, electrical problems, and insulation gaps.

We’re sure you have lots of questions about thermal imaging, so we’ve put together this informative article to help you understand why thermal imaging is a definite “must-have” for all modern home inspections.

What is thermal imaging?

Thermal imaging is a non-invasive technology that picks up on the differences in temperature between various surfaces. This allows us to get a thermal “scan” of your home that can detect hidden hot and cold spots that may indicate hidden problems that need to be addressed.

Thermal imaging is done via electronic devices during the home inspection itself. There is no damage to your walls, ceilings or other structures – we get all the detail we need through a simple scan in potential trouble areas.

What kinds of problems can thermal imaging find?

When properly performed, thermal imaging can detect a variety of problems such as:

  • missing or inconsistent insulation
  • water behind walls and under floors, even when no moisture can be seen (using temperature differentials)
  • roof leaks
  • electrical components overheating

Even if your prospective home looks completely fine with a visual scan, thermal imaging can provide added peace of mind that everything is as it seems. This can be particularly useful when home have been previously water damaged, such as through floods or plumbing issues that have since been repaired.

What are the limitations to thermal imaging?

While thermal imaging can detect a wide array of hidden issues, there are a couple of limitations to be aware of when scheduling this service:

  • Because of the properties of ceramic tile, it is not always possible to detect moisture beneath tiles of this type.
  • Thermal loading can make proper detection difficult on hot, sunny days. This is particularly true on the south side of the home.

Is thermal imaging worth it?

While some consider thermal imaging a “nice-to-have” versus a “must-have” we recommend that every prospective and current homeowner have this service performed, especially if the home is older or has had previous water damage.

It is far too easy for water damage behind the walls of your new home to go unnoticed until it is too late. Water build up from leaking showers, toilets, and ceilings can cause thousands of dollars in damage that is completely invisible until the water damage shows through the walls.

If the leak is small, this could take years, during which mold growth, rotted wood, and structural damage continue to spread, unseen.

A single thermal imaging inspection can save you thousands of dollars in unexpected repairs years down the line. If your current home has missing insulation or hidden water damage, you also need to know in order to affect repairs in a timely fashion.

Special Thermal Imaging Offer for Home Inspections

We want you to feel confident in the safety and structural integrity of your prospective home. That’s why we can’t wait to bring this new technology directly to our customers who sign up for home inspections starting today! And for a very limited time we also have a very special offer we’d like to share.

As we start to roll out thermal imaging as an option for our home inspections, we’re offering it for FREE for a limited time when ordered as part of a home inspection package.

That means if you order right now, you can get all the benefits of thermal imaging without having to pay a premium price for the service. However, this is only for a limited time, and once we have completed our imaging trials, thermal imaging will be a separate service with an additional fee.

So if you’re in the market for a home inspection – for a new purchase or your current home – schedule now and take advantage before the trial period runs out!


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Limited Time Offer: Free Thermal Imaging Scan with the purchase of any Home Inspection. Schedule TODAY!