How to maintain your yard during the peak of Summer



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With a large portion of the country going through extreme droughts, maintaining a lush yard could be seen as a futile effort. Fighting against the summer heat and extreme conditions can make for a headache as well as a lighter wallet. I bet your thinking, “Now would be a good time for some of those life hacks.” You are so right you hyper sensible homeowner, you. Quick easy tips that ultimately help you save and help attain your #lawngoals? 
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Whether it be for vanity, pride or pragmatic purposes; there is a certain “Je nes sais quoi” that comes with lounging in a healthy, green yard that you can call your own.


The first step to ensuring that you won’t have to “start from scratch” and scratch the bottom of your piggy bank is learning how to maintain what you already have. Allowing your lawn to grow to about 4 inches long means you are allowing the roots to extend deeper into the soil. The denser the lawn, the less opportunities weeds have to access water intended for grass. A natural and cheaper way to stave off weeds. When you do eventually mow, it is best to do it early in the morning or after the sun has gone down. Grass cut in the heat of the day is more likely to sustain damage. Another quick fix that can help you prevent damage to your lawn is sharpening your lawnmowers’ blades. Dull blades tend not to cut very clean, in fact the opposite. A dull blade will cause the grass to fray and that damage will lead to everyone’s favorite itchy, dry brown grass.

Another maintenance tactic is the use of Mulch. It can be bought at any lawn care store and it comes in many forms. The main purpose is to cover the lawn and protect it from the high temperatures that will dry out the soil. While mulch could be used to help keep your water bill low, you don’t need to buy it, you can make your own! If you don’t have one already, consider purchasing a mulching mower. As you mow, the freshly cut grass will be dispersed and act as a free protective layer from the sun.


While it is often said that watering your lawn during the day is damaging, that is not entirely correct. One thing is for sure, it is an inefficient use of water and your money, due to evaporation. However, it is better to water in the morning hours to ensure that the soil has a sufficient amount of time to soak in the water.

Things to avoid

There are some highly regarded lawn care steps that should not be used during the summer. Don’t even think about them! The summer is already a stressful time for nature. Be a pal, don’t add to it. Avoid aerating or scarifying, they will do more harm than help.  The same can be said with fertilizer, in the heat it only adds to the damage.

Follow these simple steps and both your lawn, bank account and sanity should make it through those summer days!