Inspection Pricing Guide

Single Family

  • 1,000 and below ..........$325
  • 1,001-1,500..................$355
  • 1,501-2,000..................$385
  • 2,001-2,500..................$420
  • 2,501-3,000..................$455
  • 3,001-3,500..................$490
  • 3,501-4,000..................$525
  • 4,001-4,500..................$590
  • 4,501-5,000..................$655
  • 5,001-5,500..................$720
  • 5,501-6,000..................$785
  • 6,001-7,000..................$915
  • 7,001-8,000..................$1,065
  • 8,001-9,000..................$1,215
  • 9,001-10,000................$1,365
  • 10,001 and up...............Call to schedule

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inspectors I have dealt with before. One house I did not buy because of a structural issue that they identified as possibly warranting further inspection. I was very pleased with their service, and they are also a pleasure to work with - and their prices are very reasonable. I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting a complete and thorough inspection.


-- K.P.

First time home buyers.... Avid inspection is a great company to use for first time home buyers. Not only did they explain everything but they answered all the questions we had. Darryl and Vanessa came to Lockhart all the way from Leander. Other Austin based companies said no or wanted to charge more. Darryl found some pretty serious issues with the foundation and the rafters in the attic. We definitely will be using Avid for all our home inspections in the future. The house was also listed as having a new roof. But with Darryl's experience he was able to prove that the roof was older then what the seller was stating.


--  Josh H.

This was a great experience! As first time home buyers, the whole process can be a bit overwhelming. Avid Inspections made the home inspection part pleasant. They were easy to deal with from the time we made our appointment (on a Saturday) till the actual inspection on Monday. They were very thorough and thoughtful. Darryl and Vanessa were helpful in explaining systems and deficiencies. Even gave us a free book about what to expect as homeowners. If we could give more than 5 stars, we would!


-- Jeremiah J.

Darryl and Vanessa are very thorough. The inspection is professional and complete. They provide quality service at a reasonable price. They will explain to you and they will present you with a very detailed report. I would highly recommend them to any first time home buyer as they will provide explanations and answers to most of the back-of-the-mind questions. You could also book them online conveniently, which is great if you want a no-hassel scheduling for a spot that would be feasible for all parties involved.

-- Shan H.

"Avid and Darryl were awesome. Complete and timely inspection with thorough explanation afterwards and walk through of the home. Buying a home is stressful enough, Darryl made it a walk in the park. I would definitely recommend Darryl and Avid to anyone looking to buy a home."

-- David Grossman

"Our realty agent recommended Darryl for us to do our home inspection. Since we are relocating to the Round Rock area, and not familiar with the businesses quite yet, we took her counsel. We are very glad we did. From start to finish, Darryl was professional, communicative and timely."

-- Brent Portwood

"Highly recommend Avid. Darryl and Vanessa did our inspection and they were both very thorough, taking photos and videos to show deficiencies. They even noted some very minor defects or things that could lead to a problem down the road. They were very professional as well as friendly and were easy to talk to. We also received a thorough report the same day as our inspection. Great experience!"

-- Laura O.

I really can't say enough about Avid. Darryl and Vanessa were amazing and so thorough. We are first time home buyers and obviously nervous about the whole process. Darryl and Vanessa were patient with all of our questions and took us through the house to show us everything they found as well as pictures and videos of everything they found. Our realtor had never even seen videos from any other inspector and was super impressed with that fact. We asked a lot of water softners and Darryl answered all of our questions and even took the time later that night to email me with a cleaner he uses in his dishwasher and that he recommends. They really go above and beyond and made us feel very comfortable and confident in their findings.

Update: We've lived in this house for about 3 months now and are STILL talking about what a great job Darryl and Vanessa did. We've had a few friends buy houses since then and they used to different inspections companies and were much less satisfied. We've gone over what other inspectors looked at vs. what Avid looked at (which was every single detail of the house) and we are so happy we used them! Thanks again, Darryl and Vanessa!!

-- Sara A.

This was a first time we were using a home inspector and i am glad i found them. They know what they are doing and worked on saturday which was a good thing for me as i didn't have to leave from work to attend inspection. They will look at very minor to major defects which we don't notice at all. We get detail and summay report with pictures and videos at the end with a recommendation which is very easy to read and follow. Their price is also reasonable. I highly recommend Darryl and Vanessa.

--Sushil G.

This is the second time I have used Avid for a home inspection. Darryl and Vanessa are so helpful and nice. They provide an extremely thorough service and if anything is wrong with the property they will find it. They sit down with you at the end and explain and walk through everything. They sent my report electronically and they take pictures and videos of everything. This is by far the best inspection team in the business.

--Juni G.

I'm an out of state buyer, and had to rely on Darryl's very thorough report from Avid Inspection Services. Bottom line-- he saved me thousands. Still negotiating with seller, but there were several structural and expensive repairs needed on this property.  His report covered so many areas and the embedded videos and pics gave a clear understanding of the good, bad, and sometimes ugly.  He even included examples of what the missing feature should do or should look like to make it easy to understand. Defects were ranked as information, should be fixed, safety issue, or critical- needs a professional review. It was impressive and informative.

Loved the ability to schedule the inspection and payment online feature.   Thank you and I highly recommend !!!

--L J.

These guys killed it. Professional, tech savvy and helped us find a $10k problem with a house we were about to purchase. Best money we've spent all year.

--Maja M

My husband and I were so pleased with our experience with Avid Inspection. From scheduling all the way to the inspection report, the ease of process was so unexpected and extremely appreciated. Daryl and Vanessa were super professional, thorough, and patient. They took tons of pictures and were great explaining everything that they saw concerns about.

I would 100% recommend them to anyone else.

--Pamela V.

First time we have had to use an inspector on the purchase of a house.  We found Avid Inspection after googling top 10 home inspectors in Austin and rightfully found why. Vanessa and Darryl were amazing! Very thorough and meticulous they went room by room and the exterior really inspecting every inch.  If we had over looked something in the glow of finding our forever home they made sure to put a spot light on it making us a more informed buyer and allowing us to move into a complete house.  Thank you, thank you, thank you Vanessa and Darryl for playing the role you had in helping us and our son move in to a safe and complete house.

--Vanessa A

Used Avid for my home and septic inspection and was very pleased. Daryl and Vanessa were very thorough and took the time to go over and show me the concerns. I received a very detailed report from them. Would use again and definitely recommend them.

--Shannon W

Darryl and Vanessa did a phenomenal job for us. This is our first home buying experience, so we are new to inspections. They were patient, thorough, and extremely detailed. Their overview goes into detail to explain immediate safety concerns, maintenance issues, etc. We had first scheduled another inspector to handle our home inspection, and had a terrible inspection. That inspector bailed without completing the inspection or notifying anyone that he was leaving. We were left in a bind and fast approaching our 7 day option period. Darryl/Vanessa were able to get out within 48 hours and save the day for us. There prices are the best I was able to find, and their services and communication was top notch. You won't regret hiring Avid!

--Laura M