Pre-Drywall from Avid Inspection Services


Behind the drywall is the structure, or frame, of the home.  The pre-drywall stage is exciting because your home is about one-third complete!  At this phase of the building process, several components are installed such as your roof, windows and exterior siding.  A framing inspection will include the interior and exterior framing, roof and attic, electrical wiring, plumbing and other components installed such as windows and HVAC duct systems.

We are code certified inspectors and provide code references that will help when presenting our findings to your builder. 


Why a Pre-Drywall Inspection?

There is a complex ballet of contractors involved in the construction of your new home and sometimes oversights occur.  When the house is fully built, you are likely only to see the indications of a problem.  A pre-drywall inspection is the time to verify the installation of critical components and to find deficiencies while they are easy to correct before they are covered by the drywall.   We are not working to point fingers, but rather we want to ensure that your new home starts life in the best condition possible.


What’s Inspected?

Your home is being constructed based on the International Residential Code for One and Two Family Dwelling, local building codes, manufacturers installation guide, and design specifications.  This inspection will include observation of proper building practices, such as:

  • Framing - anchorage, fireblocking, wall bracing, draftstopping, sheathing, load bearing walls, the foundation system, stud and floor boring/notching. 
  • Electrical - electrical wiring and connections, wire protection, roughed for required electrical components
  • HVAC and Mechanical location and installation of duct system, duct material  
  • Plumbing - installation of drain/waste/vent pipes, pipe protections at critical location, location and size of gas and water supply

At the end of the inspection, we will review with you any findings, so you will have knowledge of the location of the deficiencies and other pertinent information.  You will also receive a digital report with photos and videos (if applicable).  

When to Schedule the Pre-Drywall Inspection

The ideal time to consider scheduling a pre-drywall inspection is after the builder’s required framing inspections by the city's code compliance inspector and before the installation of the drywall. 

Scheduling a quality control inspection with Avid Inspection Services can identify deficiencies in the structure and moisture envelope that can lead to future problems.



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