“A change is gon’ come, oh yes it will” – Sam Cooke

“Autumn is a second spring, when every leaf is a flower.”

-Albert Camus

Which is a lovely thought, until you remember how many end up clogging your gutters.

  Like with any transition, it is important to focus on the goal all the while finding enjoyment in the change. In regards to making that transition for your home, focus on the structural integrity. Drastic changes in weather can effect your home in some significant ways, there is no way around, it cannot be stopped – just deal with it.

Here, I’ll help.

Windows and doors.

          As those cooler temps roll in, be sure to check all entrances to your house. Air leaks will not be your friend. They set out to increase your energy bill and alter your already wavering mental state. Plus, prolonged exposure to unintentional air flow allows moisture to enter unintended areas of a home and undermine the integrity of the structure. Moisture causes material to warp and allows allergens, like mold to grow within your home. As we all know, mold es NO BUENO. Entienden? Be sure to check, regularly, for unwanted air flow or mold and the complete destruction of your house is in your near to distant future!!! ( or something slightly less dramatic. Regardless, take care of it.)

  Get your mind all up in that gutter.

          Why is it important to clean out your gutters? That’s a great question. It seems like a punishment you would pass on to your hard headed teenager so you don’t have to deal with it. I get it. However, clogged gutters can be the root of major home repairs. If rain water does not flow away from your home properly, it can lead to water build up. ” Oh, just a swampy backyard? No biggie.” No. Not quite. Water build up often leads to material rot, materials that your home is made of. Materials that protect you from the elements.

Here are a few problems caused by not cleaning your gutter

      – Leaking Roofs

      – Increase in wood – craving insects coupled with deteriorating wood.

      –  All that garden work from earlier this year, gone.

      – Leaking foundation

I know this all sounds a bit Doom-day-ee. However, there is a silver lining to the IMMINENT change in weather.

                                     “Pumpkin Spice everything,” you say?

                                      Why, yes.

                                      What more could you need?

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