“Come on baby, light my fire” – Hippie

“Warmth isn’t what minimalist are thought to have.”

-Maya Lin


  Wouldn’t spending less money on something as essential as heat be lovely? What if I told you that there are ways in which you could efficiently and effectively reduce your heating bill this winter with minimal effort and cost?

I bet you would listen.

  In previous post I have mentioned ( and will continue to do so  into the unforeseeable future ) the use of caulking to help determine where air leaks may be occurring. Once this essential step has been taken, the next is to simply cultivate a system that maintains your efforts. The goal here is to save money while still being able to enjoy certain comforts. Ideally, once you have your home sealed off from winter drafts, you should be able to conserve heat rather than cranking it up.

In your home –

“Solar” Heating

  Be sure to open your blinds! Utilize that natural heat lamp AKA The Sun. It’s more useful than we give it credit. Opening up the blinds on windows that face the directions South and East will help trap heat in your home. If applicable, remove any solar shade screens that may be on those windows for maximum heat retention.

Reverse Ceiling Fan Settings

  Yes, the same ones that save you from the heat of the summer can also help you conserve heat during the winter. Most ceiling fans have a reverse setting that pulls down that heat that has risen to the top of your home. Waste not.

Space Heaters

  Consider using a space heater for smaller rooms rather than the centralized heater because space heaters use less energy to run, in comparison. Be proactive though, speaking as a former Home Depot associate, those supplies do not last. Especially not once that Polar Vortex has settled in. Though, there is always Amazon.

Curtains = Adult

  Curtains are a right of passage. Once you have them on your window, you know that you have reached adulthood. Now, let’s take it one step farther and have a variety of  materials to help retain heat ( or block during the summer months ).

In your actions –

Pick a Temperature and Stick with it

  Adjusting the thermostat throughout the day only causes your central home heating system to work harder which completely negates all of your efforts and intentions. Find a neutral temperature and deal with it. Quit bitching, we all know it’s cold.

Which brings me to personal adaptation.

In yourself –

Acclimate yourself –

  You know the change is coming, prepare for it. Allow your body to change naturally with the changing temperatures. As soon as those “horrible” summer months have passed, turn off your A/C and open your windows. You’d be amazed at what your body is capable of handling. You baby.

Wear Clothes –

  Seriously, it’s winter. Don’t walk around wearing skirts and tights and complain about how cold you are. Wear layers, sweaters, etc. Clothing that retains body heat.

Blankets –

  In addition to that space heater, pile on some blankets. The more layers, the more retention. Sure it’ll suck when you get out of bed in the morning, but, that too shall pass.

Apply all of these practices to your daily routine and you just might make it to see spring.

Live long and Prosper.

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