Do it already!

“How few there are who have courage enough to own their faults, or resolution enough to mend them.”

-Benjamin Franklin

It’s about that time, New Year’s resolution time. Yippie. You know those rather ambitious goals you hope to achieve throughout that year but somehow forget about them by the end of January. Let’s make a resolution to achieve your resolutions, starting with your home. Wouldn’t we want our home base to exemplify the tone we are trying to set for the year to come?

Search and Destroy –

In order to ensure that you fulfill your resolution, make sure that you pick attainable goals. Start off examining your home and noticing areas that have room for reasonable improvement ( i’m sure you already have a running list ).

Research cost and types of procedures for the project. The worst part of not reaching your goals is self sabotage. Make sure what you are planning is within your means, if so, what’s stopping you?

Budget –

Oh yeah, a form of payment, right.

How about this, set aside a set amount of money each check. What you can afford, of course. The beauty of resolutions is that we choose them at the beginning of the year. We still have a whole 12 months to achieve them! Trade in superfluous ( I love that word ) spending habits, such as Starbucks and top shelf liquor for long lasting aesthetic and self pride.

Check yourself, fool –

  Knowledge is Power, use your resources. The internet is a lovely thing and there are so many ways that it can help you. Let the internet help you. Just look at what I found, Austin Home and Garden show, 2015 ( baby! ). It’ll be wild. Events like this one are a great tool to help you prioritize your resolutions, organize your game plan and attain your goals.

What else could you ask for?

Okay, Go.


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