Articles on WDO and Pests


When it comes to ingenuity, perseverance and sheer strength in numbers, few species can compete with Termites. There are colonies on every land mass on Earth ( with the exception of Antartica ) and one colony can have as many as several million termites. These guys aren’t playing around and neither should you. Especially due…

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carpenter ant courtesy arian.suresh via flickr -

Carpenter Ants

Here in the Austin area we have nice large trees and with the trees come carpenter ants. They are part of the wood destroying organisms (WDOs) which inspectors are looking out for. Unlike termites, carpenter ants do not eat wood, but rather excavate wood material for use as a nest. Like termites, carpenter ants are…

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Bats, Man!

Often associated with dangers of the night, bats are nocturnal mammals with a generally bad reputation. Across cultures there are many fables surrounding the mysterious motives of bats. To say a bat has a motive may be a bit extreme but, don’t underestimate the hidden dangers. Forget the folklore and legends surrounding bats; there are true…

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