“I keed, I keed !!” – Triumph, The Insult Comic Dog

“Economics make homeopath and alternative healers look empirical and scientific” 

-Nassim Nicholas Taleb


  Yes, Yes, I know.  Austin is the bee’s knees. The sun is practically limitless and we have tacos. Enough said. However, it is all of these great qualities that entice more to come and in turn, cause Austin’s housing prices to rise. Which no one wants. Well, except perhaps Banks, Home Development Companies, Real Estate Agents, Property Management companies…

Who else.

 According to Digital Journal, Austin is a “Seller’s Market,” which is a pleasant way of saying you will pay whatever they want you to. Perhaps this is why Austin didn’t make it on Forbes ” Best Buy Cities: Where to Invest in Housing in 2014.” Austin is just outside of the Top Ten, on their various lists, our position varies from #2 – #14. We’re already too well known.  For this specific list, they based their list on the local economy, the job market, population and average home prices. Who knows what combinations of components are required to create an ideal city. Economist don’t seem to know. And sure, these may be cities that seem that they don’t have much to offer but maybe you can see the forest for the trees, or a diamond in the rough or any other socially accepted idioms, all I’m asking is that you consider moving. Away from Austin. 

  At the top of the list is Ft. Worth – Arlington and Dallas – Plano – Irving Metropolitan areas. I hear they have nice Museums. If you like scenic views and fiddles, Charlotte, North Carolina and Nashville, Tennessee Metropolitan Areas might appeal to you.

Where else. 

  Like the feeling of solitude, shooting things and a Stark winter? Try Grand Rapids, MIchigan or Boise, Idaho “Metropolitan” areas, those seems just lovely. 

Minneapolis – St. Paul Metropolitan should be in the Stark winter category, but it does deserve the title of Metropolitan and it is legitimately a lovely city (City of Minneapolis, pay me).

California didn’t make the list. Weird.

 Now, I know that not all of these places have the same, how do you say, incandescent nature as Austin, but i’m sure they’ll grow on you. Because home is where the heart is and as we all know absence makes the heart grow fonder, so leave.  🙂


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