“Property is a nuisance.”

 Paul Erdos

Specifically the part that causes you to deal with the creepy crawly… you know those that I speak of. You know because a majority have an unreasonable aversion to our 6 legged pals. 20 million Americans have a diagnosed fear, Entomophobia. Long story short, we hate these things.

Luckily for us, along with the overwhelming beauty that is the renaissance of Spring, we get the abhorrent awakening of the hordes of ants, sharp sound of a wasp’s wings, terrifying thud of a cockroach’s final descent and any other unnerving indications of any unwanted presence in your space.


However we are equally as lucky that there are a range of preventative measures for us to take.

Starting with physical barriers-

1. Sealing off any easy access spots.

This will limit they opportunities that pest have to get inside. Which, in turn, will limit their opportunities to cause an infestation in your home. This should also any openings below doors, windows, etc.

2.  Create a zone around the perimeter of your house that is absent of vegetation.

When vegetation is in contact with the house, it creates “safe cover” for the pest. Allowing them to enter your home without hesitation from fear of being seen.

In addition, it would benefit you to limit any temptations for the pest that successfully infiltrate-

1. Limit the amount of food exposed.

2. Limit the amount of accessible water.

Once inside, pest are only interested in finding sustenance; water is an important factor in that. Try to limit standing water within the home, for example, don’t let dishes soak over night.

3. Temperature play a large role in a pest life.

Specifically for cockroaches, they like warmer more humid temperatures. I know this will go against your attempts to conserve, however, I deem this a circumstance that calls for throwing caution to the wind and taking whatever means necessary to kill these S.O.B’s.

Consider human means of disposal-

This concerns mice more than cockroaches. Cockroaches are awful, kill those S.O.B’s, but mice are cute. Let them live.

Here are some traps that you should consider utilizing if you encounter a mouse infestation –

    Humane Mice Traps

Essentially, what it comes down to is that you do what you need to feel comfortable in your home. There are many means of extermination, though, the best way to handle their insistent offense is with an excellent defense.







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