Somewhere between Hogmanay and Iranian Norouz

“Action is the foundation to all success.”

 – Pablo Picasso

Perhaps its my obsession with minimalism or the fact that I forget to clean throughout the year but, I love the idea of ridding your personal space of excess material.

A.K.A., Spring Cleaning.

A concept that is not limited to the mass of items amassed throughout your stay but to your physical home as well. Think back, when is the last time you changed your air filter? What about the one in the air conditioning unit, itself? What about something as overlooked as the dishwasher? Have you washed your dishwasher recently?

Consider this a friendly reminder.

Your home needs as much upkeep and maintenance as your wardrobe does. Take the time to wander about your house and take note of areas that you may have neglected over time. When you feel that you have exhausted all of your personal resources, use mine, Helpful Resources. If a trained Home Inspector is looking for these things, then so should you.

You’re Welcome.

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