The Truth About Mold


“The truth is, nature doesn’t care that we like nice, neat social organizations. Nature likes variety.”

-Alice Dreger

Like most things humans attempt to categorize, there are some defining characteristics that identify an object this way or that. However, along with the facts there is usually some  fictitious information that finds its way into the aforementioned categories. In regards to this article and for Fungi everywhere, I am here to straighten things out.

Let’s start with some definitions:

Fungus (Fungi)

Under the domain of Eukaryota and due to a split that occurred some Billion years ago, they now occupy their own separate kingdom within the Biological Classification.


A group under the kingdom of fungus. It is a multi-cellular fungus that grows in a variety of ways. Typically, there is a fuzzy aspect to it due to the releasing of spores. Molds grow on dead organic matter, including materials used to build structures such as buildings and homes.

Preventative Measures and Action.

When found in a building, it is usually in areas that a dimly lit, warm and humid. Additionally, the may have been exposed to moisture. This does not exclude newer homes and structures.  There are a few strands that are commonly found inside, including but not excluded to  Asperqillus, Chaetomium, Penicillium, etc. You know the usual.  Besides being aware of where these places are within your home, there should be a routine check to prevent any growth. There is a notion that if you have mold, it would be visible. FALSE. Get all up in that attic, crawl under your sink, check. If some has already occurred, it is best to get an assessment and carry out a removal and replacement of the affected material. Simply cleaning the spot with mold does not rid your house of it. Save yourself the time effort and health risk and call a professional. According the the Centers of Disease Control, health risks regarding Mold range from a light allergic reactions, like sneezing  to chronic illnesses, like developing a lung infection. So.


  The funny thing is mildew is on living matter such as plants. However in regards to man made structures, it is referring to Mold. Humans and their attempts to categorize…

Go Forth and Protect.

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